Adorno’s view on music consumers

Adorno distinguished nine types of art consumers (first of all, he means a music). First two types of art consumers are positive: they are experts and proficient listeners. They are free from alienation and have subtle taste and harmony knowledge and feeling. They are not interpellated by power of discourses and have aesthetic pleasure without any feeling of guilt. They could be considered as consumers of peaces of „art for art“. The next seven types of music consumers are dependent from different forms of alienation and strongly related with power of the dominant discourse. Some of art consumers have abstract knowledge about art or music process and they are a typical product of ideology of Enlightenment. They could construct different programs of education, consider ideas of marketing or necessity to create more rational human beings. M.Horkheimer and Th.Adorno criticized such types of thinking as a precondition for totalitarian construction of people.
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